40 years of evolution

About us  

In 1977 a brand new tour operator was created, a brochure was produced using a type writer and was then printed and photocopied. At the time, Russia was the only destination offered. Throughout the years multiple destinations were added; company mergers happened and Boomerang Tours became a sister company before becoming one with Exotik Tours.

The success and reputation that Exotik / Boomerang Tours has built over the years is based on the true essence of the travel industry: the passion of a team. For decades we have been, and still are to a certain extent, handcrafters designing trips the old way; making connections with our suppliers and friends at destination the way we always did: in person.

Technology, until today, had never been a major focus on the planning of travel packages. Time for a change has come!  This website is easy to navigate, offers a search engine and regroups our world and our passion under one umbrella.

Our products have been fine tuned throughout the years to satisfy all travelers. Whether you like to travel independently, as part of a small group of like-minded travelers, join locally guided tours, or with private guides and drivers, we make all this possible. We are, after all, just as passionate about travel as you are, it is our specialty!

Contact your travel agent to reserve your next vacation with us. Our experts will work with your travel agent to customize a package that is well-suited to your needs.

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A leader in its field, Exotik Tours offers the world… with vacation experiences rich in both culture and value. In Europe, visit Russia, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and more. In South America, discover Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Experience the wonders of Asia, including Bali, Thailand, China and Vietnam, or the highlights of Africa in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

repere-boomerang-pin Boomerang Tours

The success and reputation that Boomerang Tours has built over the years is based on the true essence of the travel industry: the passion of a team. Our reservation specialists, our guides and our product managers have only one passion: the South Pacific. Our partners in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands provide the best prices and product in the business and are there to assist our clients should they require help while at destination. With many years selling the South Pacific and many visits to our special part of the world, our staff can customize an itinerary to suit everyone’s wishes and budget from a first time visitor to those returning again to the lands Downunder. Please contact your favorite travel agent for more details or to book your trip of a lifetime.