It’s easy to find something you’ll love in Thailand. More than just a beach destination, Thailand’s culture is unique and offers so much to discover through its majestic landscapes. Thailand will satisfy every expectation!

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Enjoy sleeping on a float house on the famous River Kwai...

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River Kwai Float House
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Enjoy a stay in Bangkok and visit the highlights of the city.

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Bangkok Basics
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Enjoy zip lining in the rainforest of Chiang Mai and trekking to the Hilltribe villages

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Chiang Mai Blast
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Join-in tour or Private basis: The Kingdom of Thailand attracts more visitors than any other country in South East Asia with its irresistible combination of [...]

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Thailand Experience
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By the Sea Resort, Phuket Long Stay

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For the traveler wanting a complete tour of the Orient, this covers the most popular destinations. Visit Bangkok and northern Thailand, the city-state of Singapore, [...]

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Our Thailand Splendors is the perfect blend of cultural visits and beach stay. You will visit the capital city, Bangkok, and fly north to visit [...]

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