The well named kingdom count in its ranks: Scotland, Wales, England (which together, form Great Britain) and Northern Ireland, with their own unique cultures and traditions. For centuries, exporting its language and culture, the UK has become a model in many areas. Its advantages give high standards: vast natural heritage through its green hills, mountains and coastline, lakes and national parks; enormous potential historic image of his castles, churches and museums; incredible range of activities in the country of music, theater, football and golf.

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Land only package including : 3 nights London, 3 nights Glasgow, 3 nights Edinburgh and trains in between. Also possible to add a Dublin extension [...]

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UK in 10 days –  London, Glasgow & Edinburgh (+optional Dublin)
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Travel by train and discover the most popular cities of the United Kingdom.

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6 Self-drive tours with accommodation and car rental from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

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