Malta attracts more and more visitors every year. It has preserved the beauty of its landscapes which are at the most ancient yet very well known. From prehistoric temples, to the baroque architecture of Valletta, feasts of rabbit to festas of noisy fireworks, rattling buses to colorful fishing boats, this nation has loads of unique charm. Far from the excesses of mass tourism, Malta offers travelers a pleasant balance between authentic charm and modern comfort at prices considerably lower than many other comparable Mediterranean destinations. The celebrations are important in the life of the Maltese (which, on occasion, does not distain to drink to the health of the Knights of the Order of St. John): the calendar of religious holidays, in fact covers six months of year

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Long stay including: 21-night hotels with breakfast and the transfers. Possibility to add international flight from any departure city to your package. Ask your travel [...]

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Malta long stay at the Seashells Resort 4* – 2019-2020
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Land only package including transfers and accommodation with or without meals. Hotel selection in Malta and optional excursions.

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